Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Maui: Day 3

On Day 3, we drove up the volcano, Haleakala. It was actually windy and rainy at our resort, but it was sunny... and cold... on the volcano. The crater is at a little over 10,000 meters and we passed through the clouds to get to the top.

Above is a photo of a silversword plant. This plant was near extinction in the 1920's and is now protected. It is found only in Maui in the Haleakala National Park. The plant only blooms once in its life, usually in June or July, and then it dies.
Above is a silversword that has already bloomed.

This is a photo of our family at the rim of the crater of Haleakala. The crater is huge at about 7 miles across.

The crater is dotted with numerous cinder cones. You can actually hike down into this area, but we didn't. And, many people get up at about 4 in the morning to drive up the volcano and watch the sunrise. But, we preferred to sleeep in.

Alexandra took part in earning her first Junior Ranger badge, which you can earn after you turn 7. When she handed in her workbook with her answers, which we all learned from, the Park Ranger spent about 10 minutes going over her answers with her and discussing things with her. It was a great learning experience. She even took a pledge to protect wildlife, etc, when she was done. Then, the Park Ranger announced that they had their newest Junior Ranger and the 20+ customers applauded.

Here's Alexandra with her Junior Park Ranger badge.

That evening, we watched a wind surfer. It was amazing. He would travel so fast and go so far out! The first time, I was worried that he couldn't make it back. But, next thing I knew he was zipping back in towards shore. Then, back again out into the ocean. What a fun ride!


  1. Omg! It is SO beautiful!
    Congratulations to Alexandra on her Junior Park Ranger status! Woo-hoo! ***clapping in Virginia***
    And tell your Dh that it's good to see his smiling face on the blog for a change. I wondered what he looked like. I think he looks a lot like Alexandra, don't you think?
    I wonder what that silversmith plant looks like in bloom, it sure is weird looking after blooming.

  2. What a beautiful silversmith plant. That is an amazing picture and way to go to the new Junior Park Ranger!

  3. My apologies to everyone for calling this a silverSMITH plant. I knew better! It is actually a silverSWORD plant. Sorry!

  4. Gorgeous plant! And congrats to A on the junior ranger badge! Woo hoo!
    I remember when my oldest were little and earned their junior ranger badges in Rocky Mtn Nat park and also in Great Smokey Mtn Nat park. And then Superboy got his in Denali Park a few years ago! What fun! It is a great program, isn't it? I can't wait to get my little ones going on it when they are old enough!

  5. We were never able to do all these extras because my dad was a lowly airman and had to work two jobs just to make ends meet for us. But we went to the free places like the beach a lot! We also ate a lot at a great buffet place on Waikiki beach. We never did a luau but we saw plenty of dancers: hula,polynesian and the fire dancers. We did go into the beautiful volcano, the Punch Bowl to see the WWII cemetary from the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In the winter we'd also go to see the big waves.