Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Geese & Ducks

For the past 2 days, we've went down by a creek here in Kansas to look at the geese and ducks. There are hundreds of Canada geese on this one little stretch of creek and this is definitely a site we don't see in Houston! There are also a few dozen ducks - mainly Mallards, but some other kinds, too.

These geese were swimming towards some people to be fed. We took our own bread today.

This chunk of the creek is still frozen. In fact, I guess that might be why the congregate here - there is ice to get out on and they can also get into some unfrozen water.

Here's a male Mallard and another beautiful duck that I think looks kind of like an alibino Mallard, but I know it isn't. There were actually several of these kind. Anyone know their ducks? I don't even have my bird book to look it up.

Video of the NOISY geese.

There were 3 geese that were a different species, though I don't know what kind. Anyway, they were really honking at us. They followed us around on the ice, too. And, it was funny to see them "ice skating." (Oh, and check out the green "splatters" on the ice. Wouldn't want to be walking on that - even if it could hold me!)


  1. Wow, that is amazing. We were outside in short sleeve shirts today and you have ice up there.

    By the way, I have 3 bird books and it didn't show that one duck with the mallard. Now you have me curious as to what it might be.

  2. LOL!
    It's a geese world!
    Aren't they funny? It's crazy that they all decide that, "ok, this place looks good."
    I love the videos, a little audio to go with our visual funny!