Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wave Runner (Day 6) - final post for San Diego!

We ended our last day with something my sister-in-law suggested. We rented Wave Runners! I wasn't sure I wanted to do this, but in the end I gave it a try.

My sister-in-law took Alexandra on the back of her Wave Runner and I went alone. I was pretty scared and didn't think I'd go faster than 10 mph. Boy, was I wrong!

I LOVED the Wave Runner! We got to spend an hour and a half on the bay and I got pretty comfortable. At my fastest, I went 52 mph - the fastest it would go! One of the neatest things we saw was on one of the floating markers.... We got to ride really close to the marker and 2 harbor seals were sunning on it! We visited the marker several times just to see the seals.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a water camera, so I didn't take any photos while we were out. So, all I have our my memories - and the photos of the sign and one of our Wave Runners.
Well, that's it for our trip to San Diego! We already have another big trip in the works... this one isn't until summer, but it'll be wonderful! So, stay tuned. ;-)

San Diego Wild Animal Park (Day 6)

On our last day in San Diego, we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. While it was nice, Alexandra and I really preferred the Zoo.

One of the big things to do at the animal park is to take a bus tour. Unfortunately, it is a long walk to where you get on the bus. And, for the regular trip (you can pay a lot more money and do different types of trips) you don't get very close to the animals.

There is a lot more to do at the animal park besides the tour. This facility actually breeds animals for the zoo, so you will see a lot of the same animals. One of our favorite parts of this park was going in to feed the birds - Lory's. You are given a little cup of nectar and the birds will land on you to get the food. But, BEWARE! These animals have very quick digestive systems - if you know what I mean. I ended up getting "shot" twice!

I enjoyed taking photos of some birds around a pond.

And, Alexandra and I enjoyed the wild bird show the best. Isn't this a beautiful bird???

This was Alexandra's favorite bird - a parrot that talked and sang and made all kinds of noises. He was wonderful!