Friday, August 7, 2009

1st Day in Dublin, Ireland (Day 8)

The day after returning to Ireland, we got on a bus to go north from Limerick to the capital, Dublin.

The train ride took about 2.5 hours and we really enjoyed it. We got to sit at a table and a snack cart came through with some delicious treats. (Have I mentioned how INCREDIBLE the chocolate was on this entire trip!!!)

The train made several stops and here is one of the workers showing a green flag to tell the conductor it is safe to continue our journey.

In Dublin, we stayed across the street from Christ Church.

We toured the cathedral that first night. The architecture was, again, amazing. I loved this pipe organ. You have to climb a spiral staircase to get up to the keyboard to play it!

This is a photo of Dublin Castle. We didn't go into it -we just walked by.

Above is one of the images from outside of Dublin Castle.

I thought it was funny seeing this cat lying next to this "no dogs" sign. I stopped to pet him and he seemed friendly. I told Alex it was OK to pet him and, yikes!, the cat hissed and scratched her! I felt so bad. I think I've learned my lesson about petting stray animals!

This is what Dublin looked like. I was surprised it was so different from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. We stayed and watched this street performer for awhile.

And, this guy was playing a neat percussion instrument. I'm not sure what it is, but I enjoyed listening to his music.

I was surprised at how graphic this sign was! And, you could be fined 150 to 3,000 euros for not cleaning up after your dog!

And this adorable video is of my nephew learning to walk... in a pub! When we started the trip, he could take a few steps at a time, but preferred to crawl. While we were in Scotland, he started taking a few more steps. But, this night, he just decided he was ready to walk! (And, in Scotland & Irelan, pubs are much more kid-friendly. We had a wonderful meal here!)


  1. That is a great video. Reminds me of my now big boys and their learning to walk days.

  2. That photo of the cathedral is beautiful and all those windows on Dublin Castle, WOW! Even though the photo with the cat was funny, Alex getting scratched was not. Poor baby. Sometimes with animals you just never know what they are gonna do, even the tame ones. I enjoyed the video of your nephew walking. That was so cute and I know that you are a very proud Aunt.

  3. Interesting intricacy of the castle! The spiral staircase is scary!