Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 4: 7 1/2 hours at City Museum

Most of day 4 in St. Louis was spent at City Museum. We were there for 7.25 hours, including lunch! Alexandra LOVED this place. It was her favorite stop during our vacation.

City Museum is a climbing place and the floors are covered with mosaics

Different areas, both inside and out, had different themes. This was the underwater room.

There were crazy tubes to climb through - most adults would not be able to get through these
The photo doesn't do this scary tunnel justice. You dropped down in this dark hole which led to a tunnel under the floor. A lot of kids were too scared to do this. It took Alexandra a few tries, but then she LOVED it and went lots of times. I was shocked that some adults went through this - maybe it is bigger than I thought, but "no, thanks!"
Outside was incredible. 5 STORIES of things to climb on.
Alexandra climbed all over this place. I was scared to...
...but I finally joined her for the last hour. That's us up on the "bridge." This was kind of scary for me, but I had a lot of fun and went almost everywhere - there were a few places I had to say "no." My mother-in-law took more photos of the 2 of us with her camera. I'll try to get some of those later.

There are also "artsy" places at the museum. Here, we spent time with the snowflake lady. She's written 5 or 6 books about snowflakes. Here, Alexandra is showing her dolphin snowflake. I bought one of the books, so I'm sure you'll be seeing more snowflakes soon!
Yikes! Once again, I'm filming sideways. Sorry! Anyway, I can't believe anyone would want to go through tunnels like these. And, some of these were 3 stories up in the air. Yikes!!!
Alexandra LOVED this ball pit. As you can see, you use the monkey bars to get over these beach sized balls, and then drop about 5 feet. I got in the pit, but never tried the bars.
Another room was set up like a skateboarding area, but it was to run in.
She loved playing in here.
And, we both enjoyed this 3 story slide. What a ride! And, I went SO fast going down this. Then, of course, you had to climb back up 3 stories - and these are TALL stories.
So, that was our wonderful day at City Museum. I'd love to take her back there soon! Too bad it is so far away...


  1. What an awesome museum!! I'd love to take the kids there. If we're ever in St. Louis, we'll have to go. So sorry to read about your unfortunate hospital stay. Glad you got to have a good weeks worth of vacation before it happened and that you got to the emergency room in time.