Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mountain Climber

Alexandra's favorite part of the day - mountain climbing. Now, she wants to spend the rest of our trip hiking trails up in the mountains. It was fun, though we'll see how tired Nana & I are tomorrow. (BTW, the temperature was an amazing 70 degrees for a high today. Beautiful!!!)


  1. She looks so joyful! :-)

  2. Yes, she looks very happy!
    I loved looking at the photos below of the art museum and fun!
    We loved Colorado when we went there two years ago. We were watching a Discovery Channel show yesterday on different mountain ranges and I just felt so proud that we had taken the kids to see the Rockies....took them to the top of a couple of the mountains. We also went to the Royal Gorge and canoeing. It is such an awesome place. I want to go back soon!!!!!
    Keep the pics coming!

  3. Wow Dana it looks like so much fun - I have loved looking thru all these Colorado pictures. I so want to go there someday!!

  4. GB loves climbing and hiking, also. I like to take him and let him enjoy that, but I sure do pay a price the next day. It's not as easy for adults to recover as it is for kids. Did you all pick up any cool rocks on your hike?